Tournerby Golf 'TROGS' & 'TROLLS'


Any Format 9 Hole Charity Challenge League


1) Only TROGS members eligible

2) Initial Entry Fee of £1.00 towards a charity. (Rowans Hospice?)

3) Competition will run from Monday 19th October until Friday 1st October 2010

Initial Basis

1) All names listed in strict handicap order, as recorded by Kevin Flynn on Friday 16th October

2) A number of mini leagues of 4 persons, based on handicap order, play against each other i.e. 3 games of Standard Match Play with 2 points for win – 1 for draw

3) These mini league games to be completed by 30th November 2009 and results recorded on list in clubhouse.

4) In event of a tie in the mini  league position then the specific result from tying persons will be taken into account to determine placing in Challenge League.

Challenge League

1) Winners of mini leagues will be placed in position 1 – 4 in challenge league, 2nd placed in 5 – 8 etc (assuming 4 mini leagues)

2) After league order is determined by above matches, each person will be eligible to make 1 challenge per week against a player up to 2 places above.

3) ANY format of game can be selected by the person challenged.

4) If challenge is successful player moves above the position of person challenged.

5) A player can be challenged any number of times in any week!

6) Additional players can be accepted into challenge league on payment of £1.00 BUT must start at bottom of league.


1) All results to be recorded on results sheet in clubhouse on day of challenge.

2) New league positions will be calculated in order of above results with a new league position posted each Monday.

3) Monday’s league position will be used all week.

Charity Issue

1) As part of the purpose of this league is also to raise money for a charity each challenge made throughout the competition will require a donation of 50p.

2) If challenger is successful his opponent is also required to donate 50p

3) HOWEVER if challenger is not successful he needs to donate this extra 50p

This competition will also implement the suggested charity raising issue of £0.50 for every ball into fence or driving range on 1st Hole!


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